Using Twitter To Connect Students- Ty Thompson, Principal of Broward’s 2nd Largest High School

Stoneman Douglas High has over 3500 students, yet Principal Ty Thompson has managed to create a community where students feel connected to him AND their school.  His use of Twitter has transformed the way he communicates with students, staff and parents alike.   Up for 2017 Principal of the Year, Thompson shares his hopes for changes in testing, and the future of Stoneman […]

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Education Department Wants to Trim the Fat on Those Crazy Useless After School Programs


President #45’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, proposes cutting $1.2 billion of funding for afterschool and summer programs because there is “no demonstrable evidence they are actually helping [academic] results.”  Logically, he explains, after school programs are an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars. Think again. As a parent of two, a taxpayer and a 16-year veteran of running after school and […]

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March 13th- March 18th


This week was a busy one in the education world and Faces captured some of the big, bold, scary, and stupid stuff that happened.  Here’s the long and short of it: Over My Dead Body Last week Broward Schools took a ground-breaking stand against immigration action on school campuses. This week, Miami-Dade superintendent Carvahlo, says federal immigration agents […]

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The Education Budget Is Out: New Story, Same Old Victims.


The Department of Education budget blueprint was announced yesterday.  It was very predictable and low-income students are the ones at risk. Let’s break it down: Poor Kids Just Lost Extra Help and Teachers Lost Some Trainings $13 Billion dollars are being cut mainly from afterschool and summer programs.  FYI, these after school programs provide much needed variation in learning through smaller group student […]

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On The Way To School Choice the DOE Just Kicked Over All The Signs Parents Need To Choose Schools


The Department of Education (DOE) no longer requires each school to report one overall score or rating of their performance, and as a parent I feel cheated. Why?  Because there was no replacement offered to give parents an easy way of knowing how our schools are doing. It’s fine if the new DOE administration doesn’t feel the method of single-rating is useful to […]

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I’m Headed Out On a Mission to Find Who’s Really Educating Poor Kids in Florida


I’m tired of hearing about the achievement gap and the expectation gap, and the brown-kids and poor-kids left behind gap. Seriously. All I hear about are public schools failing our kids, especially kids of color and poor kids (which strongly correlates). It just can’t be that simple. After all, I’ve seen some pretty bad private and charter […]

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Lawmakers Seek to Repeal, but Not Replace, Parts of School Accountability Law

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

by Lane Wright, editor at Education Post, a nonprofit fostering better conversation for better education. The state senator sponsoring a new education bill in Florida is very adamant about one thing: “This is not a retreat on accountability.” Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) repeated it three different times during a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Tallahassee, […]

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Broward Schools Just Built Some Really Big Walls to Keep Immigrant Kids IN.


Oh, so we are doubling down on immigration enforcement officers and cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities?  But don’t worry.  This only applies to the “bad guys.” Really??? There has been a suspicious drop in schools attendance of our Hispanic students in Palm Beach and Broward.  And, last month, one of our high school students told his teacher […]

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