Focus on Kids, Not Adults, To Build 21st Century Learning: Superintendent Robert Runcie

It’s not easy to get an audience with the person holding the highest office in the school district, so when we do we take full advantage. We get the parent-insider on big ticket items from the superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, Robert Runcie. In our first conversation last month Runcie was serious about staying focused on our schools and […]

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From Wheelchairs To Marching Band, To NASCAR

by Elena Tayem, communications coordinator at the George Snow Scholarship Fund (GSSF). This nationally recognized Palm Beach County public charity is dedicated to providing scholarships and support services to young men and women with financial need so they can build a better life through the pursuit of higher education.  Since its inception, the Fund has giving out over […]

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Will Your Child Feel The Changes Of 2017 Schools?

It is done! The big education budget decisions are made and will now be put in motion. Some of us are happy, and some…not so much. Florida’s teaching profession will continue to suffer because salary raises are not going to happen this year. But families who have been locked in failing schools have new hope to break free from chronic underperformance.  Charter […]

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