Trying To Read Turned Her Into The Most Unhappy, Miserable Version Of Herself

by Basilisa Perkins, mother of 2 and public health educator in Broward County, FL. Advocate for her girls and, at times, homeschool teacher to her daughter with special needs. Exciting. Delightful. A joyful experience for the mind and soul, escaping into other worlds. This is the power of reading. Frustrated. Discouraged. Feeling like a failure. Being locked […]

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Before We Hate On All Charter Schools Here’s An Example Why They Are Not The Enemy

I never really understood the charter school vs. district school debate. My goal as a parent was to send my kids to the very best school I could find or afford (district, charter, private, you name it), and work hard to make sure they didn’t become anyone’s educational statistic. Fight mode Today, the hottest news in […]

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Teacher-Leader Sells Out Conference in 72 Hours

I’ve always been baffled why everything surrounding the art and science of working with children feels like a second-class career. From the afterschool and camp counselor to the classroom teacher…undervalued and underpaid. To add insult to injury, they have to leave the classroom, becoming an administrator, to make the real bucks. So I’m kinda loving this […]

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