Choice for All Must Include Special-Needs Students

Teacher helps student Melanie Stetson Freeman—The Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

It seems like schools are always strapped for resources. They’re being asked to do more with less. The result: We get a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching that actually doesn’t fit most students at all, especially not the ones I work with. As a special education attorney, I help families, educators, and the students they represent […]

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Florida Lawmakers Say Pretending to Evaluate Teachers Is Vital to Fixing Schools

Teacher smiling with students

(Disclaimer: This is satire. To all those who think the politicians mentioned and quoted in the article below would actually admit to these realities, thank you for your faith in humanity.) Florida has a long, proud history of pretending to evaluate teachers and two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Rene Plasencia and Sen. Debbie Mayfield, say they’re […]

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Deadline Is Closing To Add Our Touch To The Master Plan. Chime In!

The master plan which governs the way Florida handles its education issues is currently under construction. The plan is in the phase where we, as citizens and parents, get to chime in before it moves forward. This is our chance!! We only have until July 31. Why should you care? Whether or not your have school-age children, education […]

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BIG DAY!!! 2017 School Grades Are Out And There Is Reason For Some Celebration!

Grades are in!! Have you seen the results of Florida schools?  Where did your school land? Overall Florida, and South Florida in particular, made some real progress.  New testing standards for common core brought some hiccups in the last few years, so everyone has been anticipating the outcome of the 2017 tests. I don’t think anyone expected these results! Kudos to the hard […]

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Before We Hate On All Charter Schools Here’s An Example Why They Are Not The Enemy

I never really understood the charter school vs. district school debate. My goal as a parent was to send my kids to the very best school I could find or afford (district, charter, private, you name it), and work hard to make sure they didn’t become anyone’s educational statistic. Fight mode Today, the hottest news in […]

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Do You Have Hope For Today? Florida’s Big Budget Day

Today, lawmakers in our state capital have to finalize the $83 billion state budget. Of that $20.4 billion goes to education, up from $20.2 billion last year. This is a major disappointment to districts and the senate who worked hard convince legislators to increase per pupil funding. Florida is about half of the national average, and this year’s $24 increase […]

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