Relententlessly Mobilizing Parents- Keri Rodrigues

Keri Rodrigues is Mom-In-Chief of Massachusetts Parents United, a parent advocacy group fighting for high-quality education, safer neighborhoods and stable homes. When we think about parent engagement, Keri isn’t just talking about it, she’s doing it. This mother of 3 boys is fed up with being left out of decisions made about her kids, and […]

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No Parents, No Progress

Just as parents should be involved in classrooms, so should we be involved when those doors have to close. In a recent panel discussion on school choice in D.C., Robin Lake describes leaving parents out of the conversation of school choice as an “huge unnecessary liability.”  I completely agree, but her comment still left me […]

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Racism & Back-To-School

I’ve heard it so many times. “I don’t see race, or class. I just see kids.”  Nonsense. Thankful these teachers are seeking out trainings to help them understand how racism shows up in the classroom, everyday. “You do see those things, and we treat kids differently, whether it’s gender, race, or class. There’s all these subtle things […]

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