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Using Twitter To Connect Students- Ty Thompson, Principal of Broward’s 2nd Largest High School

Stoneman Douglas High has over 3500 students, yet Principal Ty Thompson has managed to create a community where students feel connected to him AND their school.  His use of Twitter has transformed the way he communicates with students, staff and parents alike.   Up for 2017 Principal of the Year, Thompson shares his hopes for changes in testing, and the future of Stoneman […]

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Safety in the Classroom Faces New Threats

Teaching is a noble profession.  Isn’t that what we say?  I kinda think we say that because it’s sacrificial… like being a soldier.  After all, don’t we always talk about our teachers being on the “frontlines” and “fighting” for our kids?  Sounds sacrificial to me. So, are we protecting teachers?  Are we showing them great honor for their “sacrifice”?  I think at the very […]

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Educator Keisha Lopez: “I Have a Very Special Boy with Autism. He is Brilliant.”

I never thought she would become a teacher. Neither did she. But having her first child reignited her life-long passion, and she walked away from corporate America. She did what most of us wouldn’t dare.  Keisha Lopez took her Business bachelors and her Management Information Systems masters degree and she jumped into the public school system. Who […]

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