Kerry-Ann Royes

Kerry-Ann Royes is a mom, businesswoman and an everyday advocate who lives in Broward County, Florida and is particularly passionate about education and social issues affecting women and girls.

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If School Choice is Not a Neighborhood Choice, Then It’s Not My Choice.

The recent National School Choice week, and the controversial nomination of Betsy DeVos as secretary of education, got me thinking about my own adventures with school choice as a teenager. I attended a high school in a notorious inner-city region.  Shootings were not unheard of. My 10th grade science teacher recruited me to attend to a […]

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I Was Undocumented. DACA Would Have Saved Me and Miami-Dade Would Have Sold Me Out.

Miami-Dade was the county I entered at the start of my life in the US.  I attended high school as an undocumented immigrant for my first few months. If my family did not have the benefit of legalization after entry, I would have been a DACA student.  Miami was also the first to react to the president’s executive order against Sanctuary […]

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Accountability May Be Hard for Legislators, But It’s Pretty Clear for Parents. Respect Me as a Consumer Who Has Choices.

I was 14 when I came to this country and entered high school.  It wasn’t until my senior year that I learned I had completed all my required course load early. I had no idea I could have participated in dual-enrollment, or even started college one year earlier. In this instance, the system failed me. Fast forward […]

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Broward’s Painful Holiday Season

Broward has had a rough holiday season. On Friday, January 6th, we suffered an attack at our airport here in Fort Lauderdale where 5 persons lost their lives and 8 others injured as many returned from holiday travel. On the same day, we buried a student and a teacher, 8-year old Rasheed Cunningham and veteran […]

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