Kerry-Ann Royes

Kerry-Ann Royes is a mom, businesswoman and an everyday advocate who lives in Broward County, Florida and is particularly passionate about education and social issues affecting women and girls.

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Real Talk With A 3rd, 7th, 8th and 10th Grader At The End Of Summer

We head back to school next week. And, though I’m trying to squeeze in a few more late nights and summer beach bummin’ I have to admit I’m ready for them to head back to the classroom. But while there is a motley crew of age groups rolling around in my house on the last days of summer, I decided to interview them. Here’s what an 8 […]

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“Let’s Be Clear: ‘Brown v. Board’ Was About School Choice As A Civil Rights Issue”

Not being born in this country makes me even more curious about why things came to be the way they are. Lack of teachers of color in the classroom, higher suspension rates for brown students (even in preschool), and…why the NAACP’s call for a moratorium on charter schools smells reeeal fishy. Matt Halvorson and I are both […]

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Mother-Daughter 100 Book Challenge: For More Than The Struggling Reader

by Basilisa Perkins, mother of 2 and public health educator in Broward County, FL. Advocate for her girls and, at times, homeschool teacher to her daughter with special needs. Kate and I started a reading challenge 2 years ago. We would read 100 books together. I want Kate to love books, but not just because learning to read and reading to […]

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Deadline Is Closing To Add Our Touch To The Master Plan. Chime In!

The master plan which governs the way Florida handles its education issues is currently under construction. The plan is in the phase where we, as citizens and parents, get to chime in before it moves forward. This is our chance!! We only have until July 31. Why should you care? Whether or not your have school-age children, education […]

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Broward Schools Is Suing The State!

The last educational laws which cleared the house were controversial to say the least. Underhanded tactics were used to bundle lots of good stuff everyone wanted with HIGHLY controversial legislation, funding charter schools to build practically on top of failing traditional public schools. But Broward Schools is fighting back calling the move unconstitutional. Read why here in the […]

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