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Kerry-Ann Royes is a mom, businesswoman and an everyday advocate who lives in Broward County, Florida and is particularly passionate about education and social issues affecting women and girls.

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Trying To Read Turned Her Into The Most Unhappy, Miserable Version Of Herself

by Basilisa Perkins, mother of 2 and public health educator in Broward County, FL. Advocate for her girls and, at times, homeschool teacher to her daughter with special needs. Exciting. Delightful. A joyful experience for the mind and soul, escaping into other worlds. This is the power of reading. Frustrated. Discouraged. Feeling like a failure. Being locked […]

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Broward Schools SmartPhone App: Most Of What We Want, Some Of We Need

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) launched a new app last year. I downloaded it immediately. School information in the palm of my hand? Yes please! Knowing how my kids did and how schools are doing is important to me… and to all parents. And though no one source can really paint the full educational picture, this app […]

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His Mom Was Shot On The Front Porch While Reading Her Bible

I really had no idea! From a 3-room house where he never felt poor to Harvard University, the Superintendent of Broward County Schools, Robert Runcie, knows first hand what educational opportunity does for kids. Through tragedy, like his mother being shot in the face as she sat reading her bible on her front porch, and struggling through school, […]

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BIG DAY!!! 2017 School Grades Are Out And There Is Reason For Some Celebration!

Grades are in!! Have you seen the results of Florida schools?  Where did your school land? Overall Florida, and South Florida in particular, made some real progress.  New testing standards for common core brought some hiccups in the last few years, so everyone has been anticipating the outcome of the 2017 tests. I don’t think anyone expected these results! Kudos to the hard […]

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Before We Hate On All Charter Schools Here’s An Example Why They Are Not The Enemy

I never really understood the charter school vs. district school debate. My goal as a parent was to send my kids to the very best school I could find or afford (district, charter, private, you name it), and work hard to make sure they didn’t become anyone’s educational statistic. Fight mode Today, the hottest news in […]

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SoFlo Tests Scores Are On The Rise!

Broward drawing closer to making the grade; not all schools, but most. This is sweet music to my ears as a parent with incoming 3rd and 8th graders next school year. Better test grades mean less gaps between brown kids and their non-brown friends, better school grades, better property values and more peace of mind. We have collectively been […]

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Teacher-Leader Sells Out Conference in 72 Hours

I’ve always been baffled why everything surrounding the art and science of working with children feels like a second-class career. From the afterschool and camp counselor to the classroom teacher…undervalued and underpaid. To add insult to injury, they have to leave the classroom, becoming an administrator, to make the real bucks. So I’m kinda loving this […]

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