Kerry-Ann Royes

Kerry-Ann Royes is a mom, businesswoman and an everyday advocate who lives in Broward County, Florida and is particularly passionate about education and social issues affecting women and girls.

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I’m Headed Out On a Mission to Find Who’s Really Educating Poor Kids in Florida

I’m tired of hearing about the achievement gap and the expectation gap, and the brown-kids and poor-kids left behind gap. Seriously. All I hear about are public schools failing our kids, especially kids of color and poor kids (which strongly correlates). It just can’t be that simple. After all, I’ve seen some pretty bad private and charter […]

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Lawmakers Seek to Repeal, but Not Replace, Parts of School Accountability Law

by Lane Wright, editor at Education Post, a nonprofit fostering better conversation for better education. The state senator sponsoring a new education bill in Florida is very adamant about one thing: “This is not a retreat on accountability.” Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) repeated it three different times during a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Tallahassee, […]

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Broward Schools Just Built Some Really Big Walls to Keep Immigrant Kids IN.

Oh, so we are doubling down on immigration enforcement officers and cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities?  But don’t worry.  This only applies to the “bad guys.” Really??? There has been a suspicious drop in schools attendance of our Hispanic students in Palm Beach and Broward.  And, last month, one of our high school students told his teacher […]

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I’m Singing a Redemption Song for #MyBlackHistory ‘Cause Songs of Freedom Are All I Ever Had

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so Black. Black Lives Matter, conversations on race and a Trump victory marked my 2016. I’ve always known my Blackness in the taking-it-for-granted kind of way. It’s my essence, my uniqueness, my swagger. I know it paints my experience and my behavior, but I never felt like it entered […]

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Broward Will Protect All Children, No Matter What the Feds Say.

Are the problems transgender youth face considered a civil rights issue? Our previous and current administrations definitely disagree on whether Title IX applies to transgender students.  Title IX is the federal law banning discrimination, based on sex, in educational institutions that get federal funding. Last week, the Trump administration pulled back guidance issued by the Obama team to public schools on bathroom access for transgender students. The previous Obama […]

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“I Am Who I Am and I Will Not Be Bullied!” –The Story of Little Cindy Arenberg- An Insatiable Child Advocate Who Grew Up to Lead a Government

Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, President/CEO of the Children’s Services Council, believes her life of happenstance and opportunity led her to Broward. But, follow her story and see, it’s more than chance. Cindy has an uncompromising allegiance to her moral compass. And, I think she is exactly who she set out to be…an insatiable advocate for children. […]

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I Didn’t Even Know I was Living In Abject Poverty. Many Times, Their Story is My Story- Principal Lewis Jackson.

I was pretty blown away with Dr. Lewis Jackson’s story.  I met him during his nomination for 2017 Principal of the Year, an honor he wears with very little fanfare.   From humble beginnings, Dr. Jackson, or “Lu” as his peers like to call him, thrived through difficult life circumstances.  He seems to take on situations that […]

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To Be a Woman in The Age of Trump

Did you wear a pink hat? Stay home? Help a girl make sense? Reactions to the post-inaugural marches were as varied as womankind. Listen in to a spontaneous stream-of-consciousness between a group of women bloggers around the country who lend their voices to education.  Here is our email chain.   Beth Hawkins, Minneapolis; blogger, Beth Hawkins Fellow women writers, education advocates and mama bears: […]

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It’s Tuesday, And You Should Know…

Oh, what a week!  Today’s is the anti-blog post. Monday was as all Monday’s are…hectic.  Which is why this to-go-weekly-heads-up on education comes to the palm of your hand on a Tuesday.  It also gives you time to DO something before Friday. But, this week I’m not sure how productive I will be before Friday.  I may sulk, […]

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