Kimberley Spire-Oh

Kimberley Spire-Oh is a special education attorney representing students and families across the state of Florida. Ms. Spire-Oh previously worked as legal editor on disability law for LRP Publications, a Congressional caseworker, and a grant writer/development consultant. She serves on numerous boards and committees, including as co-president of the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) of Florida, co-chair of the Justice Committee for LDA of America, and board secretary of Different Brains, Inc. She live in Lake Worth, Florida.

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Choice for All Must Include Special-Needs Students

Teacher helps student Melanie Stetson Freeman—The Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

It seems like schools are always strapped for resources. They’re being asked to do more with less. The result: We get a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching that actually doesn’t fit most students at all, especially not the ones I work with. As a special education attorney, I help families, educators, and the students they represent […]

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