There Are College Tours, And Then There Are College Tours.

It’s Spring Break, and around the nation thousands of high school students are visiting colleges. For some, it’s a special rights of passage as their families have attended college for generations. For others, it’s the first time they have packed a suitcase or left their city. Whichever side of the narrative a teen is on, a college tour is more than seeing schools (though there is plenty to say about that too). It’s about knowing they are worthy and have options to achieving greatness.

A YMCA Director pens a powerful letter as they get ready to take a group of Fort Lauderdale teens to their “I Am the Dream” college tour in Washington D.C.

The letter not only frames the tour for the students, but for the adult chaperones, and the parents too.

To the Teens

I applaud you for your leadership amongst your peers and taking charge of your life to ensure an even greater future for yourself.  Never be satisfied with being average…because you were born to be GREAT!

To the Parents

Although studies may indicate that the rising cost of college attendance makes it unreachable, you will discover that this process and early exposure puts your family in a prime position to plan ahead financially, academically and emotionally in order to attain your collective goal.

To the Chaperones

As we seek to lead this group of 47 young and aspiring students to higher heights, it is imperative that we too dream…for ourselves and our community. For it will be our interpretations and our personal journeys that will arm us with a much better understanding of our role in the dream, and our greater responsibility than ourselves!

Now that’s a college tour!

Read the full letter, and follow their journey.


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