It’s Tuesday, And You Should Know…

Oh, what a week!  Today’s is the anti-blog post.

Monday was as all Monday’s are…hectic.  Which is why this to-go-weekly-heads-up on education comes to the palm of your hand on a Tuesday.  It also gives you time to DO something before Friday.

But, this week I’m not sure how productive I will be before Friday.  I may sulk, lick my wounds and, though I know the answer, I will wonder how, how, how did Betsy DeVos get confirmed to lead our country’s education.

I advice you all to follow closely.  We are in for a very interesting few years.  Stay tuned here for information that’s easy to digest, but keeps you in the loop.

Youth Summit February 21st

Here’s a glimmer of hope. If you are looking for a way to feel empowered and act locally, register! This one-day summit is brought to you by the Children’s Services Council and happens every 5 years.  Join the on-the-ground conversation to chart Broward’s course for youth and families. We DO have a voice and we CAN put it to work.

That is all for today. Be aware nationally; act locally.

Walk good my friends. Until next week.

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