March 13th- March 18th

This week was a busy one in the education world and Faces captured some of the big, bold, scary, and stupid stuff that happened.  Here’s the long and short of it:

Over My Dead Body


Last week Broward Schools took a ground-breaking stand against immigration action on school campuses. This week, Miami-Dade superintendent Carvahlo, says federal immigration agents will enter school property “over [his] dead body” to take action against students.


Get Rid of Redundant Testing

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Florida law makers are trying to tinker with accountability in attacking testing.  But will removing high stakes testing be replaced with quality evaluations?  Will parents be able to tell the difference?

Feds Tells States There’s No Need to Report a Grade-Rating For Schools


Department of Education announces states no longer need to report a single-rating for their schools.  Though this may be no big deal for the DOE, it’s a big for parents and accountability-watchers.  How will we be a part of the school quality conversation?

Chop, Chop, & Add Choice


New education budget is OUT! The recipe says to chop some afterschool programs, trim some student work study, sprinkle some Title 1 funds, add chunks of charter school and vouchers for private school.

Warrior Parents Never Take ‘No’ For An Answer



No matter what obstacles come in the way, a “mama bear” is the most fearless creature alive.  3-time breast cancer survivor Tonya Thomas’ story.



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