No Parents, No Progress

Just as parents should be involved in classrooms, so should we be involved when those doors have to close.

In a recent panel discussion on school choice in D.C., Robin Lake describes leaving parents out of the conversation of school choice as an “huge unnecessary liability.”  I completely agree, but her comment still left me wondering:

  • Who’s liability is it?
  • Are institutions liable because lack of parent involvement could come back to bite them when parent support is most needed?
  • Maybe, liability comes when parents don’t really know what’s going on so they can’t make good choices, and end up robbing their kids of the opportunity to become their very best selves.
  • Or maybe, is it because history has taught us powerful lessons of what happens when groups of well-meaning intellectuals make decisions for others without asking them, often assuming martyrdom in defending the rights of those who “can’t speak for themselves?”
  • And, who really views the absence of parents as a liability?- I have met many decision-makers who would rather keep the noise of parents to a minimum. Let’s face it, we can be like herding cats.

I suspect all these make the absence of parents at the school reform table a dangerous thing. But, it’s really hard work. So I love that Lake went on to say but “… you have to commit to it. You have to fully commit to it because these are the families who most need high-quality options.”

Agreed Ms. Lake. Agreed.

What do you think?


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