Tired Summer Parents’ Open Letter To Teachers

Dear Teachers and Administrators,

Welcome back. We hope you are well rested and ready for our babies because they are ready for you! We can’t wait to see you on the first day of school.

From our average working-class family to yours, there are a few things you should know about how my family will show up this month.

We had a great summer! And, we are broke and exhausted.

After 10 weeks of summer camps, high electricity, water, grocery bills and maybe a summer vacation…we are broke.

Our August budget was stretched to cover aftercare registration fees (including the first month upfront), new uniforms/clothes and shoes, lunch boxes and backpacks AND school supplies. We are also bracing for the impending storm of band and soccer uniform and fees, and special teacher-requested classroom supplies.

We are officially tapped out…financially and psychologically!

Summer fail

We always imagine extra time, slower days and relaxation. But in fact, juggling all of the above and full time work can be overwhelming during the long summer months.

So, we hate to admit it but NO we did not keep up with the summer reading or the academic activity suggestions. No, we have no idea where to find that form you gave us that’s due at the end of week-1. And sorry, but we can’t recall what shots record you need this year.

Please know we are not proud of ourselves. It’s just the reality.

We need a little grace and forgiveness

I’m asking for a little grace. If we appear a bit dazed with the overwhelming amount of information you share with us in the first week of school…we are.

Forms and t-shirts orders, websites, email addresses, Friday Folders and forms, volunteering, PTA, reading lists, seating arrangements, disciplinary charts, bus schedules and… did I say forms???!

Please, be patient as we get our new daily routine in order. For right now our morning game-plan is a mess; I’m late for work and traffic just returned to its usual nightmare. And, if our family manages to make it home before 6pm we have to tackle dinner, next day prep, bath time routines, dishes, and hours of middle school homework. Hopefully, there are no extra activities that evening, which only wreaks more havoc.

So, forgive us if we really can’t buy that extra thing, sign up for that committee or figure out when we can give that extra hour for the field trip or class project.

Circle back in about a month. We promise to be better parents by then.

Again, welcome back.  We REALLY, really missed you.

What do you think?


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