Research Says…Engaging Parents and Educators Of Color Changes Things

Earlier this month, The Leadership Conference Education Fund and Anzalone Liszt Grove Research gave us updates on a poll of Black and Latino parents’ views on how America is doing in educating our kids.

Very few surprises in the sentiments: still disparities and major gaps in opportunities.  The “New Educational Majority” (in other words, us), remain disappointed with the progress. In fact, the data sounds more like 1967, rather than 2017.

But it’s interesting to note that parent’s feel more positively about the effort to educate kids of color when teachers of color are present.

This aligns nicely with the goal of opening the “decision-making processes to Black and Latino families in ways that allow them to meaningfully participate so that their voices are heard, especially decisions regarding priorities and funding.”

The meaningful participation of persons of color seem to be an underlying theme. Figure that out and we may actually be able to see some change and buy-in.

Read more of the findings in the New Leadership Conference press release HERE.

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