SoFlo Tests Scores Are On The Rise!

Broward drawing closer to making the grade; not all schools, but most. This is sweet music to my ears as a parent with incoming 3rd and 8th graders next school year.

Better test grades mean less gaps between brown kids and their non-brown friends, better school grades, better property values and more peace of mind. We have collectively been pushing hard on 3rd grade literacy and it seems to be paying off. Broward is one-point ahead of Miami at 55% passing. But we are both at 60% passing scores in Math.

Even though there is much to celebrate in year-3 of tougher high-stakes testing, there is still a bitter reality here. A little more than half Broward’s kids are proficient in reading and math.  As a community, we have a long way to go.

Read more in the SunSentinel article South Florida students are improving on high-stakes state tests, new data shows.

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