Are Book Vending Machines the New Book Mobiles?

Kids choose a book from a custom book vending machine

Take a closer look at this image. Those kids aren’t lining up for candy or soda. They’re making book selections. I guess it started with vending machines selling snacks and sodas. Then we saw creative vending machines selling healthy stuff or electronics at the airport, then Redbox came out with DVD rentals. Heck, just yesterday […]

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Mother-Daughter 100 Book Challenge: For More Than The Struggling Reader

by Basilisa Perkins, mother of 2 and public health educator in Broward County, FL. Advocate for her girls and, at times, homeschool teacher to her daughter with special needs. Kate and I started a reading challenge 2 years ago. We would read 100 books together. I want Kate to love books, but not just because learning to read and reading to […]

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