Florida Lawmakers Say Pretending to Evaluate Teachers Is Vital to Fixing Schools

Teacher smiling with students

(Disclaimer: This is satire. To all those who think the politicians mentioned and quoted in the article below would actually admit to these realities, thank you for your faith in humanity.) Florida has a long, proud history of pretending to evaluate teachers and two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Rene Plasencia and Sen. Debbie Mayfield, say they’re […]

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Real Talk With A 3rd, 7th, 8th and 10th Grader At The End Of Summer

We head back to school next week. And, though I’m trying to squeeze in a few more late nights and summer beach bummin’ I have to admit I’m ready for them to head back to the classroom. But while there is a motley crew of age groups rolling around in my house on the last days of summer, I decided to interview them. Here’s what an 8 […]

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Safety in the Classroom Faces New Threats

Teaching is a noble profession.  Isn’t that what we say?  I kinda think we say that because it’s sacrificial… like being a soldier.  After all, don’t we always talk about our teachers being on the “frontlines” and “fighting” for our kids?  Sounds sacrificial to me. So, are we protecting teachers?  Are we showing them great honor for their “sacrifice”?  I think at the very […]

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