The Push for Better Schools Is Paying Off in Florida

KIPP Jacksonville To and through college

If you live in Florida, and especially if you have children here, there’s good news for you (well, for us): Florida schools are getting better. Maybe you’ve noticed recent news lamenting the fact that students in this country, on average, have made virtually no progress in the last decade. All the charts and graphs show […]

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Florida Lawmakers Say Pretending to Evaluate Teachers Is Vital to Fixing Schools

Teacher smiling with students

(Disclaimer: This is satire. To all those who think the politicians mentioned and quoted in the article below would actually admit to these realities, thank you for your faith in humanity.) Florida has a long, proud history of pretending to evaluate teachers and two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Rene Plasencia and Sen. Debbie Mayfield, say they’re […]

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Opting Out Of Third-Grade Test Is Bad, Passing Third Graders Who Can’t Read Is Worse

by Lane Wright, editor at Education Post, a nonprofit fostering better conversation for better education. If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on in the case of the Opt-Out moms versus the state of Florida, it’s that Michelle Rhea’s daughter can read just fine. Last year, Florida education officials said she needed to be […]

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March 13th- March 18th

This week was a busy one in the education world and Faces captured some of the big, bold, scary, and stupid stuff that happened.  Here’s the long and short of it: Over My Dead Body Last week Broward Schools took a ground-breaking stand against immigration action on school campuses. This week, Miami-Dade superintendent Carvahlo, says federal immigration agents […]

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Lawmakers Seek to Repeal, but Not Replace, Parts of School Accountability Law

by Lane Wright, editor at Education Post, a nonprofit fostering better conversation for better education. The state senator sponsoring a new education bill in Florida is very adamant about one thing: “This is not a retreat on accountability.” Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) repeated it three different times during a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Tallahassee, […]

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