The Textbook Challenge- Is It Trending?

The ice bucket challenge had a life of its own, going viral and raising more money for ALS than the organization knew how to handle. This is not that kind of challenge.

The Florida Citizen’s Alliance got a win by allowing any resident (parent or not) to challenge books used in classrooms, if they find it “pornographic, biased or inaccurate.” That part is not new, but now these challenges require a hearing by an outside mediator, whereas previously schools or districts would handle the claims directly. Some groups, like Florida Citizens for Science, are poised to fight back if the Alliance attempts to go after topics such as global warming or evolution.

“The alliance is pushing their narrow ideology on the public schools in any way they can and so far they’re meeting with success. I can’t speak for the other academic subjects they’re targeting, but I know beyond a doubt that their ideology when it comes to science is grossly ignorant and doesn’t belong anywhere near a classroom,” Haught said.

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